Friday, July 4, 2008

Flowers Everywhere!

Flowers! Again!? YEAH! Lol
Well I had no other idea! This one is for mom’s colleague. He wants it for someone’s anniversary. I know you must be thinking “What!” Its over-the-top I know! But my darlings, it’s SO NOT in this part of the world! *smiles*
Plus, when my dad approves then it's a done deal!
He always likes these flowers.

Again, the flowers are hand drawn and hand cut, no punches, no stamps, no templates! And to top it off this time there is something extra that I did. Can you see the swirls? Well, hand drawn and hand cut! Phew! You need proof? Here it comes!

Well the picture is a little blurry because the swirls are quite light and I did not want to switch the fan off! Hehehehe. This is the first time I have ever hand cut swirls, I have always drawn them but never have I cut them out like this. Apparently they start curling while you are cutting them. And believe me they look gorgeous like that!

To cut these I had to look for a very sharp scissor and what I got was a manicure scissor. It was the sharpest and the pointiest one I had! Lol
I don’t use it for manicure, I am glad I could put it to use somewhere worthy! Hahahaa

I glittered the red ones and just outlined the pink ones because the red glitter looked amazing!

You can see no edge colouring here because this picture was taken earlier. After completing a card I always kinda think it looks incomplete so I always tend to do something with it, hence I coloured the card's edges later on.


Mel M. M. M. said...

This is just over the top Beautiful! So amazing it leaves me breathless and wanting to break out some intense colour! You are so incredible. I just know there is something fabulous in your water! Such an inspiration! Thanks! :0)

Dawne said...

stunning xxxx

Karen said...

You have reason to be proud! This is a beautiful card. The fact that you did all the cutting by hand, that is even more impressive. Keep you your great works!


Annapurna said...

This is great. Love all that drawing and cutting and glittering. I know what you mean exactly, someone would freak out in this part of the world, but there, they would love it.

SmilynStef said...

Wow ... your hand-cut flourishes are fabulous ... gorgeous card.

Jill said...

glad your feeling better, your card is stunning all hand drawn and cut, your talents are never ending it's gorgeous Jill x

Patsy said...

What talent! I love the flowers and the swirls. Lovely card.

Glenda said...

So beautiful, the colours are really rich. Absolutely delightful.
A lovely talent.

Glenda x

Sue said...

this is beautiful and wow great flowers and swirls..i love em:-)


Debbie said...

Stunning card again hun. I love your cards because they are all so unique and detail. Also, you have an amazing eye for colour. Thank you so much for the award that you gave me, it was a lovely suprise when I got home from my holiday :)

{{{hugs}}} Debbie x

Bev said...

You are one fantastic artist hun!! This card is exquisite and the work that you have put into it is just absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! I am in awe!!!!!!!

Stacey said...

These are incredible! You must have the steadiest hand in the world to be able to cut these yourself - they are perfect! ~x~

Jose said...

What a gorfeous card, I just love the colours

Just call me G said...

The vibrancy and detail of this card has left me speechless... and its not often that happens!!

Bev said...

I am constantly amazed and in awe of you how manage to make these most beautiful creations by improvisation! You really are one fantastic crafter!!!

Shirley said...

Such a talent for color and design, Erum. Thanks for sharing.

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