Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bev's Whiff of Joy Blog Candy!

The lovely Bev is giving away some great stash!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photoshop? Anyone?

What do I do when I am not making cards? Take care of my cats. Well this happens while I am making cards too, cuz that is the time they disturb me the most. The chart papers seem to attract them a lot. Whenever I lay a chart paper to cut a piece, all those lying nearby get up and lie on top of that paper! I read somewhere that if you keep a piece of paper in a football field and leave a cat there, she is likely to sit on that paper leaving the whole field behind! LOL They consider themselves secure and within a boundary that is why they do this.
Anyway, I wanted to show you this picture. You must be wondering what the hell?! LOL

Well, this is the pic of famous Monica Bellucci.
And this is what I did to her...
Oh well, I photoshop when I am free. I used to only photoshop and play The Sims when I was in university and still do. But then I didn't do anything else but photoshop.
This pic was submitted at in a photoshop contest. I came fourth :o)
I could have done better than fourth if I would have used my credits to sponsor myself.
So I will be showing you my photoshop work too, sometimes.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Grid Card - Inspired by Mel!

I was totally inspired by how wisely Mel is using her Scor Pal. I don't have a Scor Pal so I thought I would do some extra work (as always) and make a grid. I cut up thin strips of my all time favourite pink card stock. Applied lilac glitter on both the sides to hide any irregularities. :-p

The entire time that I spend away from blogging, I was cutting these strips up. And yeah I was also blog hopping. Found some great blogs.

I have drawn this cutie image LOL. I needed something, I didn't want to add a flower. So I thought of doodling something up, end result was this image.

The reason I always distress my card edges or layer edges is to hide any irregularities. I will be getting a paper trimmer or some excellent ruler to get straight lines. But for now I have to tamper the edges :o)

Okay! This is what I really wanted to show you. Take a closer look at the wire. It is twisted! I got so many for myself! I have been wanting to use it as fillers when I am decorating the lids of wedding boxes or gift boxes, but haven't really gotten a chance to do so.
I have got them in quite a few colours, I will be posting that pic later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Work of Art

Hey peepz... I have got fever since a few days that is why I couldn't make any cards. But I have something really beautiful to show you all. These are a few wall hangings made by my VERY TALENTED cousin Sameeyaa. She is a genius when it comes to everything ARTY! I will be showing you lots of other wall hangings in future. But for now, take a look at these. I am sorry I could not take pics with a closer/detailed view.
The designs on the fabric are made by her. They are not prints! After making these designs or doodling, she paints it up and then she sticks different sizes of mirror on it to make them look as beautiful as they look.
The pics are not doing justice to her work. Seriously!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tea Pink

I just adore the colour Tea Pink. I recently got a tea pink and brown combination dress for myself, hence the card's colour combo. The sketch is from PTW by Katharina.

I know I have been using too much of brown these days. Brown was almost the last colour on my list BEFORE I started dyeing paper myself. I never used to find the "brown" that I wanted, so one fine (but a very hot) day I thought of using brown and experiment with it. I found quite a few colours, Maroon, Dark Brown, Khaki, Auburn, Chocolate Brown etc. Since that day there's no turning back for me and Mr. Brown ;o) LOL

Today I FINALLY used one of the stamped images that Bev sent me. I really did not want to, but I have some more coming to me from the sweetie Dawn so I decided it's time to finally let one girl go! :-P

Oh well, on with the card's details. The card is 6.5 x 5.5. The brown paper is the same one that I have dyed myself. The swirl you see here is AGAIN, hand drawn and hand cut. I wish I was an artist in some company that make punches or die cuts; I would definitely make loads of these in different styles so that I don't have to cut these dainty little things.

Oh yeah, I got a soar on my middle finger just because of cutting these silly fellas and other silly fellas being my hand cut flowers. But then in the end they look so nice, that I hate myself for complaining :o) I wouldn't have known how I got the soar, but my genius dad noticed how the scissor kept hurting my finger because I continuously keep on adjusting my scissors as they are so small. You guys do remember about the manicure scissors I started using because they were the pointiest? Well not only they were the pointiest, but they had the most smallest finger section. They are quite uncomfortable to use.

For people in KARACHI

I have been asked repeatedly by viewers here in Karachi to display the cost of these cards here. This blog is my "relaxing" space, I just use this space for my "quiet time". You can always email me and ask me about the cost.
I would also like to tell you that these cards come with coordinating, decorated envelope or box. I'll give you all the details about the card(s) that you ask for. Please feel free to email me for any further queries.