Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too late for Valentine?

Ah well I know it is, but so what?! At least I am creating again and it is fun! 


I got the image online, I am sorry I have no idea where I got it from. Actually, I was on a free-digi-stamp hunt that day when I saved loads of images on my lappy as I have used up all the stamped images my blogging buddies Bev and Dawn sent my way. Anyhoo, nothing much to tell about this card… the flower is handmade and the squares are embossed by the help of a rolling pin! LOL. My bug is due in June, then finally embossing cards wouldn't be such a pain! :o)


Friday, February 19, 2010

An Easter Background…

Hello everyone! I have something for you today… I designed a background using some Photoshop brushes. I think the background is cute and can be used in Easter cards as well as Newborn Baby cards. If you are insane enough to try it, please do give me a link so I can have a look at your card too!

Here is a close-up of how the background looks like. Click on the image to download the 300dpi image. Oh by the way.. it is an A4 size page. If you want a smaller size, leave a comment here along with the size that you want. I will make one for you. I hope you guys will try it at least once!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

It’s has been a long break…

Hey peepz! I am back! Finally got my Live Writer working… its been way too long since I created. And when I did… I really wanted to blog and show you guys! Renovation/Construction is still going on at my place, but its almost done and I just couldn’t stop myself, had to make a card!

The picture of this card has not come out as good as the card really is in real life. It looks gorgeous, seriously! Even my dad loved it which is rare.


The brown paper that you can see here is one of my self dyed papers. I wanted a bark like feel to the background and this is why I went for this paper as it has a rough look.

I am so glad I had this embossing folder, it worked perfectly with the woodsy feel that I wanted.


Take a lookey at the lil butterfly!

I really wanted the butterfly to be of a different color.. so that it stood out..

Oh well, all the flowers are handmade from scratch as always. The glittered swirl is hand drawn, cut and then glittered. I added two swirly wires in between the flowers but they are not that clear in the pic.

AAAHH feels GOOD to be back! Missed you guys!