Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cute Birdie

This card is based on the bonus sketch over at 2S4Y.

Nothing much to brag about this card. I used my embossing paste to outline the punched polka dots and then sprinkled some holographic white glitter over it. The card is quite glittery but it is not showing in the picture. It looks cuter IRL.

Hell loads of work…

Hi people! The card that I have to show you today is based on the sketch from 2s4y. I am going to enter this card in a quite a few challenges.. cute card thrusday, charishma cards, stamp something, ooh-la-la creations and a couple more :P

This card screams HANDMADE! LOL


Took very long to make… you can see why… This blue paper is an internet download and even though it was a beautiful paper I had to play with it and make my life more difficult :P I used my ol’ embossing paste and drew over the designs on the paper… I tried to make it as thin as the design itself… and I think I succeeded. It looks so intricate you know… and my mum thought it was originally this way! I tried to be very neat :-D


This picture is taken against the light so you can have a better look. It is all very glittery as I sprinkled (literally turned over the glitter bottle) white holographic glitter on the embossing paste while it was wet. This means I had to draw a little and then sprinkle, draw, sprinkle- repeat! LOL Hence the little bumps in between. Took time. But I think the design looks wonderful… OK so who wants this paper?! :o)


Wow… I am just talking about the design and NOT the card! Well the design tops the card! LOL Anyway its one glittery card… even the embossed top is sparingly glittered.
I am not too sure if it is visible but the white ribbon has some holographic thread running through it… its exactly the same as the glitter.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Wild Side.

I got an order from a colleague of my mum’s. He wanted a birthday card for his wife. He was throwing a surprise birthday for her. His wife is quite young so I thought a peppy card would be much better. He liked the last card I made which I thought was just too dull for her (It was given to a guy). Anyway, here is my card.


I was trying to draw the zebra print and it wasn't looking so neat… so I thought why don't I revert to my old tricks… so I took help from an old friend… my glue gun…

You can see the embossed print clearly in this pic….


The print is hand drawn and the flower is handmade… oh the bag that is below the card is was a plain white paper… took out some wooden blocks and one of the many stamps sent to me by the gracious Stef of Ingenious Inkling, After stamping I outlined the flower stamp very roughly with markers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Focal Point

Hi folks! I have always wanted to do something like this where I have TEXT as the “focal point/part” of my card. As I don’t have such stamps, I decided to print out the darn text! LOL I think it came out fine, the font could’ve been a size smaller but what the hey!

So here is my card… and there is one thing to note in this card… my FAUX BRADS. I made the faux brads the same way we make flower centers… by embossing the circle… but in this case I used a flat tip as I didn't want a dome shape but a flat top like those of regular metal brads.


Don't mind the cats in the background… they kept bumping the card with their head! Hence the weird positioning of the card!

I used a metallic gold paper for the FAUX BRADS and the pattern paper is a freebie that I printed on “fast normal”.  I made the scalloped green part using a compass :o) Applause Applause! LOL

As you can see the pattern paper is kinda dull so to pop up the card and give it a bit more colour and bling, I added three different ribbons. The flower and swirls as always are handmade.

I used a lot of distressing because the ovals in the middle are not drawn using stencils or templates, I don’t have those. These are freehand drawn ovals and I really didnt want people to notice how irregular they were… distressing saved me from that. For next time I think I will print them out too! My printer is my best friend from now onwards.

Here is the inside. Not a good pic, sorry!


Have a good day!


P.S. This was one heavy card!