Friday, April 23, 2010

I won a challenge…

A couple of weeks back I won Stamp Something’s “Distress Something” challenge for THIS card… I got a 20$ gift certificate. My package arrived today… here is what I bought. This is the first time I have won a challenge…. so WOHOO for me! :o)


P.S: DONT forget to "WOOHOO" :-p

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Round and Round

That is exactly what I was dealing with while taking a shot of this card, it kept going round and round like a wheel! Like I told you peeps that there is some intense renovation going on at my place so I have very few places where I can take pictures. These few places don't have a lot of things to support my cards. I have taken two pictures, both in different parts of my house and both of them look different.

I am looking for bigger scalloped scissors, cant find them :(

The first pic looks a lil weird because I had to cut off my hand from there (nasty paint covered fingers) and did not have time to edit it properly.

Thanks Dawn for the image!




Challenge: Stamp Something-Something Layered

Friday, April 9, 2010

It’s Time…

Hello everyone… How are you guys doing today?! I have to show you this card I made. I am sure you guys are going to like it…


I have always been in awe of artists who use vintage stuff on their cards and ATCs but I never tried my hand on it. So yesterday I sat down and did just that. I had to make a guy card anyway and I think this fits the job well… should not have added the rosette hmmm… but then I had to add a lot of bling to it too as people here don’t like cards that are plain and non-blingy (LOL). So I made glitter swirls, stitched up the side with gold thread, added a few diamantes, gem button, iron on sequences and my gold faux brads.

My mum wanted me to add a nice, clean ribbon here instead of the tattered gold net and strings…. but hey I wanted the vintage feel… and I don’t think that a pretty, neat ribbon would have done justice to the vintage clock.

Anyway, I have added dimension to both the clock and the sentiment, I hope its visible. Ah well my first try using a vintage image. And oh yeah completely forgot to add that the paper is an internet download and I edited it A LOT on Photoshop, used my own brushes and text on it…


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful Spring (and not to forget the oh-so-hot weather! :-p)

Today I have to show you a card in a box. The box is 4.5x4.5 inches and the card inside is 4x4 inches.

Here is the top.


The stamped image was sent to me by Dawn of Crafty Ramblings! ( Thanks!) Don't laugh at my leaves! :P The top one is not worth it I know but I think I did better on the one placed at the bottom of the circle. :o)

This is how it looks sideways.


And when we open the bow….


It is not visible here but the teal/aquamarine paper is embossed. I didn't want to leave the inside plain. I am surprised though how the pencil markings are so visible in this picture and not the embossed paper. duh.

And this is how it looks like when the bow is untied and the first fold is turned over.


This cute flower stamp is a gift from Stef of Ingenious Inkling. (Thanks Stef!).

Now as we turn over the second fold we can see the whole card.


I made two pockets, scored them and inserted the tags. The tags have the same embossed paper that I used to layer the inside of the box.

Here is a separate view of the card.


That’s all folks! ( I miss bugs bunny and Elmer Fudd :p)