Friday, November 28, 2008

BearyBox Sketch# 4

This time BearyBox would like to give this week's winner FIVE pieces of My mind's Eye Christmas collection patterned paper and ONE piece of My Mind's Eye Snowed in Accessory Sheet.

I hope you guys join in and win some goodies! :o)

I am so freakin busy that this is going to be a short post. I have to tell you that this gorgeous paper was sent to me by Steph of Ingenious Inkling! Do check out her blog for some great cards! You will get inspired for sure!

By the way, for my friend's anniversary invitation cards I have made around 300 flowers and 130 more to go! Along with 130 paper swirls :o(
Wish me luck! I need loads of it! :-p

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's day 16th and Sally from Bootiful Stamps is choosing a winner each day to giveaway stamps! You have till midnight to enter!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Beary Box Sketch# 3

It's already sketch# 3 at Beary Box and I don't see any of MY friends taking part! :p I'm not liking it! LOL

You should know that BearyBox would like to give this week's winner a Clear Stamp Sets {Trims-n-Things} from Sassafras Lass.

Anyway, here is today's card.

Yes I know I am going all silvery and pretty, but winters are approaching!
OOh yeah, I forgot to tell ya guys... somebody went shoppinnnnn! ;o) I got some great colours... brights and dulls both. So you will be seeing new colours in the future, hopefully.

The butterfly is hand drawn, the design is embossed using embossing paste and silver glitter. I added a bit of white glitter in some places. I added little diamontes which I recently got. Oh, the balls are Styrofoam balls. These are used in gift wrapping and stuff--- like fillers in a gift box.
I have glittered em up in white glitter. I have even gittlered up the circle on which the butterfly is resting.

This is made using a threaded sequin dori. It's so shimmery and just "oh-so-beautiful"!

Love it! Actually I bought it for my dress, but I thought it will look better here! This usually happens, most of the stuff lands somewhere in card making instead of being used where it was meant to be.

I added some vertical lines in the bottom half of the card; I didn't want to continue the same swirl pattern. I have even added some glittered white net in the middle part. Just to give this card a softer look. The glitter on the net is showing here in the picture. Here they look like dirty dots of some grey colour! LOL

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So you guys know that I Photoshop. Here are a few customized envelopes that I designed for my friend and her in laws. I thought I’d share them with all of you as I got a very good response from everyone (even the person who printed these).

I have been collecting Photoshop brushes since quite sometime, helps me loads in designing. I would not have been able to make these if I didn’t have such beautiful brushes which are designed by some really talented people.

I even designed her wedding card, which was a first for me. It's her first anniversary on December 31st,08 and she has asked me to make 100+ invitations. She likes THIS card, but obviously this is just too much. We will be reducing the number of flowers to just three and also the card will just be 5x5 (circle).

I am very tired and busy drawing, cutting and embossing the flowers. I really don't have the energy to make other cards. This is the reason I am not posting any new cards apart from the cards that I make for Beary Box.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beary Box Sketch# 2

Alrighty! Its time for Beary Box’s sketch# 2 and the time to reveal what that glittery thing is! I have two good news! First let’s just start with telling you what I used………
I used GLUE GUN to create this!
Daniel Askeland said:
“Think it some kind of hot glue, poured on the paper, and tilted so that you get that effect..Then you poured some glitter on it... ;P”
Ooohh he guessed it just right!

I got this text from Daniel’s blog: “Hello, I am a 16 year old boy, from Norway. I consider my self a cardmaker just as much as a scrapbooker, and like both hobbies a lot. And that is what I’ll display here in my blog. I’ve just started my second year at High School, Media and Communication.”

Majority of you did guess glue so I didn’t want to leave you guys just like that. I thought I could make one extra card! So I copied the names of everyone who said glue and randomly picked out a number.
The other lucky person is Carol!

The second good news is BearyBox is GIVING AWAY $15US worth of Gift Certificate for you! You can use it at (shop). Please checkout all the nitty gritty details HERE.
Today’s card is simple. LOL! By simple I meant it only uses single layer of card stock. I just wanted a touch of glitter but the glitter bottle slipped from my hand. It’s pretty difficult handling the glue gun and glitter together!

The blooms are hand drawn. This is a new shape of flower that I drew just before making this card. The paper swirl is also hand drawn. Note that I didn’t use any outline this time for the swirl… I had to cut it so neatly! I didn’t want to add an outline cuz this is just too much glitter baby!
Oh! Did you see my faux brads! LOL
P.S: As promised I have kept the card blank, hence no sentiment.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sneak Peek and a Guessing Game!

This is just a snippet from my next card using Beary Box's Sketch# 2. All I want you guys to do is figure out how I have made that drippy glittered thingy. The same thing is used to make the middle part of the flower.

I know that you all can guess it right away. If there are more than one right answers I will choose the winner randomly. But as I don't have lots of visitors so there won't be a big problem! LOL. If you guys can help, do let others know about this guessing game.

The winner will get this card and one other surprise card (Unwritten/Blank of course!).
You have till Thursday, that's when I will post the card. If you don't see the card post then keep on guessing! :o)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Heart of gold... or two hearts of gold. Whatever!

Ahem ahem!
I made a pocket card! Yay! Not a first for me, but definitely a first using the two way tape technique. This one’s much easier, because the one I used to make was different than this. Say, like you make a box. It had little gap... some space so that the card could be pulled out easily. But I like this better. Less time consuming :o)
Alright, I wanted the front to have a tied up kind of look. This is why I used jute, gold dori, gold net, gold thread and gold beads.

I drew the hearts on off-white card stock. Made the swirly pattern on one and painted the other gold. I have used two shades of gold. I don't think that you will be able to distinguish between the two shades.
I really wanted to do the crisscross thingy with the ribbon. This was the best way to apply that technique. If I wouldn’t have use the two way tape even then this would have hold the pocket together. Too bad I got the idea after I was done taping it up.
Oh I forgot to tell! The gorgeous paper that I have used here was sent to me by Steph! (Hi Steph!) Remember the BIG BOX OF GOODIES? Aah she has sent me the most wonderful stuff! She truly has a heart of gold!

The flap inside the pocket is plain. I wanted to make two very tiny hearts and stick them either at the top-middle part or bottom-right. They would have looked so cute. But I am a lazy ass. LOL

I used my brown marker to make the border and then used a gold marker for the edging.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beary Box Sketch# 1

I still cant see my blog. And it's not just my blog, I can't see any body's November posts. I can view them only if I select the "Newer Post" option. I'm sad and I hope it gets fine.
Anyways! I finally get to post the first
Beary Box's sketch and the card that I made using the sketch. You can visit THIS link to check out what other DT members made!
I hope you take part in the challenge!

Remember the green??? Yeah it is the SAME green, apparently it looks so much better here!

I love this card. Seriously LURVE it! I have no clue why, but I do! LOL

Please click on it and take a closer look!

The flowers are hand made. The middle part of the flowers is made using embossing paste and orange glitter.

I tried to make the stems look a bit twiggy. I did not want straight lines and certainly did not want swirls again!

Oh by the way, did you see the cute green string??? Awww it's so cute! I tied a bow and with the help of some adhesive stuck it right where all the stems were joining.

The scallop thingy is created using semi circles which were just perfectly shaped because they come out of this buckle punch that Steph sent me! (Thanks a MILLION Steph!)

The hand written sentiment is decorated with half cut sequins. I have outlined all the layers of the sentiment with markers of darker shade than the card stock.

Do you like the white outline on the pink and orange card stock? This is what made the card look so much better. Seriously!

All the sequins have been added just to make the card look a bit more nice to look at! :o)

What do you guys think?!?! :o)

(Don't say "Too much use of colour on the post and the card"! There is no such thing as TOO MUCH colour! LOL)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No luck yet...

I tried from another computer too... it's just not working... Arrgh... I think the only option now is to try from another email address... I hate this... I had to post my first beary box card!!! *sob sob*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can you see this???

I cant see my blog.... I mean I cant see anything that I have posted in November, until and unless I go to the edit post option and view it from there... I tried deleting my widgets but they don't disappear, even though I know they are not there any more. I guess there is some bug. Please bear with me for a while as I have no clue what you are seeing here....
I am so sorry for all this mess.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Comment Box

I went to the BLOGGER BUZZ to look for any new bugs etc and I found out their new “embed comment box just below the post” option. Which is so good! I selected it!
You guys might want to make that change too. It will be helpful for people who want to comment, no more extra windows or pop-ups.

Why O' Why Green?

Arrgh! I shouldn't have used green! Seriously! I like this color but it was a big mistake using it here. I had to make this engagement card for my mom's colleague; I had a totally different thing going on in my head. Yes, it did include the flowers and the twisted wire but it certainly did not look like vomit! LOL
Something’s wrong with me, lately I have been making cards that are totally different in my head and come out on paper looking the exact opposite! Do I need a break? No! Never! LOL I am answering my own questions today, weird. It’s just caffeine. Yes, I blame caffeine! LOL

Alrighty! You must have noticed the same gold holographic paper. It IS gorgeous you know. I made the flowers using the same paper. This time I glued the paper with card stock and then drew the flowers on the backside of the card stock. By doing this the flowers became a bit sturdy and cutting them out was easier.

I started this card last night; I had cut out swirls etc to decorate the entire card. I even made faux brads! (Which apparently I didn't use)
I think the green was putting me off so badly that I really did not want to work on this card. I really just wanted to get over with it. I have used the same green in another card (the Beary Box card, which I will be posting soon!) and it’s looking fantastic. But THIS is just not working for me.
P.S.: Now that I am looking at this card, I realize that the flowers are looking absolutely stunning! I am still not at peace with the green though. LOL