Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why O' Why Green?

Arrgh! I shouldn't have used green! Seriously! I like this color but it was a big mistake using it here. I had to make this engagement card for my mom's colleague; I had a totally different thing going on in my head. Yes, it did include the flowers and the twisted wire but it certainly did not look like vomit! LOL
Something’s wrong with me, lately I have been making cards that are totally different in my head and come out on paper looking the exact opposite! Do I need a break? No! Never! LOL I am answering my own questions today, weird. It’s just caffeine. Yes, I blame caffeine! LOL

Alrighty! You must have noticed the same gold holographic paper. It IS gorgeous you know. I made the flowers using the same paper. This time I glued the paper with card stock and then drew the flowers on the backside of the card stock. By doing this the flowers became a bit sturdy and cutting them out was easier.

I started this card last night; I had cut out swirls etc to decorate the entire card. I even made faux brads! (Which apparently I didn't use)
I think the green was putting me off so badly that I really did not want to work on this card. I really just wanted to get over with it. I have used the same green in another card (the Beary Box card, which I will be posting soon!) and it’s looking fantastic. But THIS is just not working for me.
P.S.: Now that I am looking at this card, I realize that the flowers are looking absolutely stunning! I am still not at peace with the green though. LOL


Anonymous said...

I think these flowers are stunning, definitely nothing to feel bad about - well done!

Dawn said...

Erum your are so funny!
Hey your flowers look brilliant though!
You just love cutting out !


Lexxie said...

Hi E.T,

Thank you so much for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. So lovely to have in turn to have found your FAB blog. Your cards and creations are stunning. Will definately be popping by again,

Love Sarita xxx

SmilynStef said...

I think you are waaaay to hard on yourself. Your green looks great ... especially with the metallic blooms reflecting some green from the sequins ... gorgeous.

Anthonette said...

Hi E.T.,
The green looks great. The holographic paper is awesome! Great job once again.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

I love it! Vomit? You crack me up! It might have been too much caffeine making you not like it, heehee, because it looks gorgeous and fresh and spring-like to me! :O) Love how the green sequins in the center tie the green cardstock in and the texture on the flowers is blowing my mind! Lovely! :O)

Shirley said...

I would never have thought to use holographic paper for this! How stunning, beautiful, creative and so perfectly designed.