Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beary Box Sketch# 2

Alrighty! Its time for Beary Box’s sketch# 2 and the time to reveal what that glittery thing is! I have two good news! First let’s just start with telling you what I used………
I used GLUE GUN to create this!
Daniel Askeland said:
“Think it some kind of hot glue, poured on the paper, and tilted so that you get that effect..Then you poured some glitter on it... ;P”
Ooohh he guessed it just right!

I got this text from Daniel’s blog: “Hello, I am a 16 year old boy, from Norway. I consider my self a cardmaker just as much as a scrapbooker, and like both hobbies a lot. And that is what I’ll display here in my blog. I’ve just started my second year at High School, Media and Communication.”

Majority of you did guess glue so I didn’t want to leave you guys just like that. I thought I could make one extra card! So I copied the names of everyone who said glue and randomly picked out a number.
The other lucky person is Carol!

The second good news is BearyBox is GIVING AWAY $15US worth of Gift Certificate for you! You can use it at (shop). Please checkout all the nitty gritty details HERE.
Today’s card is simple. LOL! By simple I meant it only uses single layer of card stock. I just wanted a touch of glitter but the glitter bottle slipped from my hand. It’s pretty difficult handling the glue gun and glitter together!

The blooms are hand drawn. This is a new shape of flower that I drew just before making this card. The paper swirl is also hand drawn. Note that I didn’t use any outline this time for the swirl… I had to cut it so neatly! I didn’t want to add an outline cuz this is just too much glitter baby!
Oh! Did you see my faux brads! LOL
P.S: As promised I have kept the card blank, hence no sentiment.


Desire Fourie said...

This is absolutely stunning. A card perhaps fit for an invite to a very glamarous event. Warm regards

Catherine said...

E.T. this is just STUNNING! Love your hand-drawn flower and silver and blue is just so pretty :)

Tina said...

Awesome card. I was about to be really envious, thinking you had the MS Goo Punch. Ingenious idea to use glue.

Melissa Bove said...

That card is Gorgeous E.T.! Love it! So creative to use the hot glue!! Hugs...

Daniel August said...


The card is so beautiful.. ;P

Greetings From Daniel..

PS. Did I win anything? :S

Dawn said...

Erum it is amazing!!
You continually amaze with how you create your work.
Congrats to Daniel!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Amazing! I'm convinced that You could make a card out of mud and sticks that looked incredible! GOrgeous!!!! Congrats to the luck winners and you ROCK! :O)

SmilynStef said...

The drippy glitter reminds me of icicles along the edge of the roof in winter ... another wonderful creation.

Michele said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. Your creations are amazing.
Michele x

Cuchy said...

Hi E.T.
I'm soooo sorry. I received your email on my spam folder (I don't know why) and I missed this game. I've been so busy to blogging and I didn't see your post until today.
Your card is stunning! Love it!
Regards from Spain, M.Carmen

Shirley said...

What a gorgeous card, ET. I love it and the beautiful flowercenter and the dripping crystal on the card. The flowers are remarkable as is all of your work. ET, how did you make the faux brads? I love them.

Sonia said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!!
Great job!

Siv Anne said...

Beautiful. Realy nice with the glue. It must be perfect in winter/snow/ice LO
Maybe i copy that idea :)

Mallika said...

E.T you really inspire me !
a lot !