Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dizzy Dizzy

Am I going dizzy or just in the mood of making circles?! Oh well, I have this design in my mind and as I did not have any decorative paper to match my card stock, I thought of doing what I did as the background. Think of it as a textured patterned paper! :P lol
The pic is not good! Not good at all!

I love the design, maybe next time I will do more things within the circle. I have applied two colour glitter on it to give it a shaded look. The design is made again by me. I have used the same embossing paste that I use. This one takes a looott of time! But the end result is always breath taking. It looks better in reality though.

Going Purple!

Literally! I am going purple! Just got the flu bug! Aaah it sucks! :(
Therefore I wont write a lot (I can hear sighs of relief!).

So about the card, the dark purple layer has hand drawn designs on it, drew them myself. I could’ve just lined them with a gel pen but then I thought of doing extra hard work and embossing them, which took hell lot of a time. This embossing paste I talk about all the time is available in a cone, like when we decorate cakes- yeah, that cone. So I apply the paste and sprinkle glitter on it before it dries. Takes time. Wait till you see the other card design that I will be uploading, that is real hard work! Lol

The image is again from colouring pages, I coloured it myself.
The curvy strip in between is not quite perfect because I drew it myself and cut it out.
The flowers! You peeps know by now how much I love flowers! They add a little something extra to a card! As always I drew the flowers by myself and cut them. The thing on the top right is the same thing as in the middle of the flowers. It’s a circular piece of card stock which now looks like an inverted lens. You can learn all these tricks from Mainly Flowers.

Here you can see the design somewhat. Most of it is hidden behind the layers! Flu has clogged my mind, should've thought about it earlier.
I am loving the colour combination of this card. I'll make more as soon as I get better!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blog Candy by Stamping Caz

Here's some blog candy by Caz. Do check it out and enter your name, maybe you'd win some!
Good luck! xoxo

Friday, June 20, 2008

Think Pink!

Saturday's Workout Challenge #10 was to make anything using hand cut stuff! Those of you who visit my blog already know that I dont have any punches and stamps and so I hand draw/or print and hand cut my stuff. This challenge was just perfect for me! Arty Girls challenge #39 and CaardVarks are going pink! Arty Girls challenge is “Hint of Pink” and CaardVarks challenge is "Think Pink". All the girls love to work with pink! I guess this is going to be fun for everyone!
I have loads of other pink cards that I could just upload but then I thought neh! What’s the fun if I keep posting older stuff instead of accepting the challenge and making one especially for the challenge! But this time instead of one I made three! Lol yeah I had some time to myself so I thought I better do something constructive instead of sleeping whole day long!
Ah well there are some goodies involved too in this challenge! Do take a look while you are at it.

Here's my first card:

I really wanted to work with light pink but never actually got a chance. But this I knew what to do. The reason I never could work with light pink or baby pink was that I have no decorative paper which would have matched. So this time I took a printer paper and doodled on it some spirals and polka dots. Voila! Decorative paper! Lol
Nothing much to tell about this card except for the most important part, the flower!

The flower as always is hand cut and hand drawn. I wanted to use more layers but then I was in a hurry to make more cards that I left it just there. And I think it looks okay like that too. Both layers are differently curved, the pink one bends down while the black one goes up but I bent it just a tiny bit at the tips.

This is a simple card but it was quite time consuming. I dyed the turquoise paper myself. Took out one of my larger flower stencils, drew it on the turquoise paper, I had to cut the petals individually and then stick it on to the pink chart paper. To give it a clean edge I applied embossing paste and sprinkled glitter on it.

Looks nice doesn't it?! Doesn't look as appealing in the pic though. But its one good lookin card I tell you!

It was hard work cutting the petals and then arranging them. I made one with yellow and pink, it looked far better than this one. A colleague of my mom’s gave it to someone as a get well card.

In this last card I used a very pale pink decorative paper, bronze dori and sequence strip ribbon. It’s a flap card. I am sorry I didn’t take another pic showing you whats inside. My camera’s battery died and then I forgot lol!

Here's a closer view. I forgot to mention the ribbon, flower embellishment didn't I! My bad!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Be Inspired Challenge #18

Beate's inspiration challenge time again! Yay!!! This time it's such a gorgeous, mouth watering cake with wonderful colours!

Well, the challenge was to get inspiration from the image and use the pattern or the colours. I did both! lol

No, I don't have loads of time but I just had this image in my mind when I saw this cake. The pictures haven't turned out that good. The design looks so much better when you hold it in your hand. My dad thought it was great.

I happen to have just the right colour of card stock. Don't you guys think its almost like the colour of the flowers?!

Oh please do view full! The pic is seriously not doing justice to this card! Even I liked this card of mine! lol

Oh these flowers are the cutest thing! But they were very hard to handle! These are hand drawn and hand cut. I used the same technique as in the last post. Here are some more pics, just shots from different angles.

The swirls are also hand drawn and I have embossed them with embossing paste. Its quite hard to make these. Then I sprinkled glitter on the wet paste to get the sparkle I wanted.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot Stuff!

Another Bratz card! And also another two in one challenge. I picked up a sketch from 2 Sketches 4 U by Laura and the HOT colours from Paper Take Weekly's challenge.

This is Laura's sketch. I kinda enjoyed working on it, creating layers after layers so that it would look better and better.

The image is again a printout from colouring pages, I have coloured it myself. I really wanted to use glitter but thought it was enough this time.
But I still think that a little embossing paste around the girl wouldn't have hurt me!

Flowers are hand drawn and hand cut.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Orange Cat!

I thank all of you for leaving such nice comments. Thank you so much BEV, SUE, DAWN, CINDY, AMY,BEV(of Bev's Brill Blog, SMILYNSTEF & CHARMAINE.

Those who don't comment, please do. Even if you don't like my card do let me know, constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Now back to work. I{heart}2stamp has a Saturday challenge. This one’s a sketch challenge as well. I know I am so late, its Tuesday today, I should be punished! lol But I believe in better late than never!

This is the first time I have combined two challenges in one. The other is from TGIF. Their challenge theme was CATS! :D

Take a look at this sketch, its from I{heart}2stamp:

This is my take on it. I used Garfield image from the same source I always mention, the colouring pages lol. Coloured him up. I incorporated the green of his shirt in the background.

I have outlined Garfield with glitter and embossing paste. Because it was looking so plain and dull without it.
Believe me, I stopped right there. I didn't even put glitter on the flower. But when I sat back and thought about it, it just looked too dull.
I think I like it better after the embossing paste and glitter.

And now here is the zoom in version of the flower. I know now you can see all its flaws! lol

Aah well I don't have cutters or punches. I hand draw and cut them that's why they are not as perfect as you guys make. :)

Our Creative Corner Sketch Challenge

Most of you must know about Our Creative Corner by now. It’s a new baby blog with lot of super talented mamas involved! This is why I was so eagerly waiting for Saturday to come, as the talented group of women involved decided to keep Saturday as their challenge day.This first sketch is brought to us by Cindy Haffner.

I had so many ideas for this one, and really wanted to make quite a few cards using this sketch. But I have so much to do nowadays that I didn't get time. :(

Here is what I came up with.

This is one of my favourite decorative papers. I don’t have more of it! *sob sob*. Anyway, I pierced a strip of black card stock (the piercing is hardly visible I know, poor lighting) and then lined it with dori along the edge to make it look clean. The silver frilly thing is called kiran, again an Urdu language word. This comes in gold too.

The image is a printout from colouring pages website, I coloured it myself though (I know you can tell :P). I have raised it a little bit with the help of glue.
It’s not that much, but that’s all I could pull off in the few spare breaks I could manage to get!

These silver diamonds look exactly like mini mirrors, but they are not. I still haven't figured out what material is it made up of. They are pretty hard to handle as they are quite thin and small.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Verve Visual June Challenge

Aah! What is this? Am I getting myself a new bed sheet or a bed!? lol No No No its an inspiration challenge again! This time its by Verve Visual, June Inspiration Challenge.

I happen to have just the right brushes with me to create this red design on white card stock using Photoshop. It looks like the comforter design doesn't it?

Could have added a bit of black... arrgh I'm always complaining! I had that idea initially, but don't know where it got lost! hehehhe

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge #52

I am a bit late but I still managed to make this one, obviously because it’s Beate’s Sketch Challenge!

I printed out Bratz and coloured them up using all sorts of stuff; colour pencils, pens, glitter pens, markers..what not! Do you like the frilly thing I did on the side? I just wish the colour of the flower wouldn't have come out yucky green in the picture because its really not that ugly.

This is the sketch that Beate put up. Do check out what other crafters have come up with. Amazing, amazing and more amazing stuff.

Olives & Chocolates!

Today my cat Leo gave birth to four gorgeous kittens! Yippee I am so happy! She is doing fine now. In my excitement I made two cards with two colour card sheets; dull olive green and darkest brown. I just simple love this brown colour. It does not appear as appealing in the pictures though. But it’s just WOW!

In this card I have used chocolate brown ribbon and flower embellishments and outlined it with bronze dori*.

*Dori is an Urdu language word, it is like ribbon but not so flat and sometimes with beading and other embellishments. It is widely available in Pakistan. If any one interested in buying these you can leave a comment or email me. I will show you other samples too.

Now this card is simple, I just took gold string and wrapped around the olive green flap and inserted a few beads as I was wrapping the thread. It looks absolutely wonderful in real.

The picture is a little blurry sorry for that. Here again I have used gold dori, just to give it a little lift.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Beate's Challenge# 17

Hey everyone!
As I was browsing through the blogs that I visit regularly, I came across Beate’s blog challenge! This is the first time I am entering in a challenge. I am both excited and nervous as to how you guys react to it. Anyway, without any delay let me just show you the gorgeous pillow Beate has put up for the challenge!

Now here’s my take on it.

The design on black is hand drawn as I have not bought any stamps for myself. I have always either drawn things or printed them. I usually design on Photoshop or print from kid’s coloring pages! Lol

There are three bands of wrapping papers, layered and then I added a silver organza ribbon on top of it cuz it was looking bit empty.Please do leave you comments as I am so new to blogging and showing my art online. I will appreciate it! xoxo

Monday, June 9, 2008

Old Stuff

It's so HOT in Karachi, Pakistan!!! I don't even feel like getting out of my room! 96F!!!! Arrgh! I took out some of the cards I made to take pics, but it was so god damn hot that I kept them all back inside and went straight to take a cool shower! Even my cats were panting! All fifteen of them were in my room today, in the comfort of an air conditioner. We wouldn't have survived without it for sure!
That's enough about the weather! Now back to the main thing. The image above are the cards I made for a client who only wanted cards along the lines of mauve. No extra colours! Even then I had to add something, hence the colour lime green.
These aren't new by the way. I made these way back, when I was an ammature! I consider myself one even now, but I'd add a couple of more words to go along....like, CLEANER, PRETTIER, more CREATIVE! hahhaha

Friday, June 6, 2008

Attention Please!

Recently three of my cats gave birth, I have been so busy looking after them that I was unable to give "special attention" to the very first cat I own. His name is Cookie by the way :)

He is just like a young man! Seriously! If I don't give him a lot of attention he just makes a face, turns his head in an opposite direction and pays no heed to what I say unless I cuddle him or pamper him for some time! Clever!

Anyway, due to all my time being spent on the kittens, Cookie got stressed and ended up sick. Jaundice! He really got my attention! He always gets what he wants!

As he is my life, I completely lost it this time and I have decided to give my cats away :( so that I will be able to concentrate on everyone of them. Even though i know I can handle them, but these kittens are taking up a lot of my time because the mom's have completely stopped feeding them, and its all up to me now.

This is the reason I was not able to take and upload any pics. The ones I have are taken from a cellphone camera which obviously are not that good. So guys, wait some more please...

P.S. Cookie is getting better though.