Friday, June 6, 2008

Attention Please!

Recently three of my cats gave birth, I have been so busy looking after them that I was unable to give "special attention" to the very first cat I own. His name is Cookie by the way :)

He is just like a young man! Seriously! If I don't give him a lot of attention he just makes a face, turns his head in an opposite direction and pays no heed to what I say unless I cuddle him or pamper him for some time! Clever!

Anyway, due to all my time being spent on the kittens, Cookie got stressed and ended up sick. Jaundice! He really got my attention! He always gets what he wants!

As he is my life, I completely lost it this time and I have decided to give my cats away :( so that I will be able to concentrate on everyone of them. Even though i know I can handle them, but these kittens are taking up a lot of my time because the mom's have completely stopped feeding them, and its all up to me now.

This is the reason I was not able to take and upload any pics. The ones I have are taken from a cellphone camera which obviously are not that good. So guys, wait some more please...

P.S. Cookie is getting better though.


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Too cute! Glad Cookie is getting better. Okay, I'd better stop commenting or I really will be a stalker. (I'll just lurk silently, hehehe) ;0)

Shirley said...

He is just so sweet. I hope he has recovered!