Monday, October 27, 2008

Elegance. Eh?

This is nothing close to being elegant. But "elegant" was in my mind when I started to plan this card in my head.
Actually, I had this gorgeous shimmery card stock which I really wanted to use with silver, and I did too but the card did not come out as expected. People here are liking it though. Anyway, it is an incomplete card, I have to gift it to someone so I left the lower pat of the card empty for her to put any sentiment that she wants.

At first I didn't add the silver layer, and it looked quite empty without it. After adding the silver layer I was much more pleased. There is always this little thing that a card needs and when you add it, it looks complete. This was one of those things.

The flower as usual is hand drawn. I have added polka dots (vertically only) on the petals with my permanent silver FAT marker. LOL
Outlined the polka dots with embossing paste and then showered it with silver glitter. I am short on bling atm so I added silver sequins in the middle.
The doodling has been embossed using silver embossing paste and then sprinkled with glitter.


SmilynStef said...

Your silver layer does really bring it all together ... and as always your doodles and sketches are amazing ... love the sequins in the center too.

Kim Dellow said...

wow, that is gorgeous, i love the flower. kimx

Anthonette said...

I love silver with blue... it's one of my favorite combinations. Your hand drawn flower is gorgeous! Have a good day.

Dawn said...

Woweeee! Erum
It's an amazing card - that flower is so striking - elegant indeed!



Debbie said...

Oh my, how beautiful this card is. I really love the colours and all. Very very nice!!! My compliments. (Thanks for your reaction on my blog)

Hugs, Debbie

Annapurna said...

Very nice! Great job with the details and the silver paper in the back.

Melissa Bove said...

Stunningly gorgeous!! WOW!

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ouuuuuuuu Ahhhhhhh! I swear I let out a big sigh of joy every time I see one of your stunning works of art. I am breathless over this one. So shimmery and soft and lovely. Ahhhhhhhh. That swirl is perfection and should be a stamp. Sighhhhhhhhh!

Shirley said...

Perfectly lovely and so elegant too!

Sharon said...

This is a stunningly beautiful card ET. I love it! I don't quite believe that you hand drew the flower and the swirl and they look just like a Stampin' Up set that I have - Scribble This. You are so talented.