Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kit Kat :o)

I don't know why red and white reminds me of Kit Kat. Oh well every other thing reminds me of chocolate! LOL

This is a very simple card. I just had to make one quick card, which turned out to be not so quick (I completed it in three sittings I think).

The images are hand drawn and I know they went wrong....too much red :o( I really didn't want to redraw so just bear with me this time (and some other times too in future)

The scallop thingy is drawn by the help of my beloved compass and then hand cut hence the ultimate neatness :-p

The card was sliding towards very simple so I decided to add a pierced white strip and make fringes around the images. The fringes part went wrong too. I planned on adding a red layer and then adding white fringes in order to reduce red a bit. But I forgot. Obviously, when I will work in three sittings I wouldn't even remember what I planned to make! At least I was able to finish this card!

PS: Please let me know if the lighting in the pics is fine? I found a new place to take pics, if this works then I wont have to hang my cards on plants :P


Tee said...

The lighting is perfect..I think you can spare your plants. :)

Did you use patterned paper? or this too is your own handmade design!

Hey Erum, I'm cleaning out my stamp cabinet..I have some wood mounted stamps..Do you want them..I don't have extra ink though..if you do want them..I can try sending them over..

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

This is SO cute! Reminds me of chocolate only in that it is delicious looking! :o)

Aren't we crafters funny? All the things that went wrong look absolutely perfect to me! Gorgeous card! :O)

Cindy Haffner said...

Yummy yummy, and the colors are great, glad you found a good place to take your pictures. Thanks for the e-mail, you are so sweet.

Melissa Bove said...

This is beautiful!! Love it!!
Hugs, Melissa

Shirley said...

How very vibrant, cheerful, beautiful and 'sweet' too!