Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine Surprise!


My friend Sofia asked me to make a card for her from her husband, and keep it a surprise from her ( not to show her or upload anywhere). I asked her is there anything that you want? And she said “Something smaller, something I could keep on the side table”. :o) She is the most adorable person ever and too sweet!

This is what I made for her based on Kristina  Werner's Colour Inspiration. This is the bag that holds the card. It is VERY tiny. She loved the card that I made for her sister in law. You check it out HERE. Actually she loved the paper. She though it was cute. So i thought I should use the same elements but make something completely different. Made the same heart where I spent a lot of my time glittering the balls individually!


This bag must be about 4x3.5 or smaller than that, too bad I didn't measure.


Okay so this is what the bag holds. This is not a tied a ribbon. It has a stick on thingy. You just have to pull it towards yourself to open up the card.



The alphabets are hand drawn and so is the heart. I got the tiny cushiony hearts waaaaaay back and finally pulled them out of my box. Have outlined the whole thing to give it a clean edge. Hope you guys like it. She loved it by the way! :o)






Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Angelic! What a sweet fold. Lots of love packed into something small for that side table. The tote looks like yummy candy too. You are just WAY too brilliant! :O) Lucky Sophia!

Susheel said...

Namaste ji,

I absolutely love your blog. You are so talented. Your blog inspires me. Good on ya!!


Sylvia said...

Wow! You were busy. I love it all!

Daniel Askeland said...

Unfortunatly, I haven't recieved the package yet.. :S

Lovely card you've made.. ;P

Greetings from Daniel

Anthonette said...

WOW! Fantastic! You did an amazing job with Kristina's challenge. What type of little balls are you glittering? You can see that doing the glittering is a lot of work. I'm sure Sofia loved it.

SmilynStef said...

Love the hearts at the top of each tag ... what a lovely gift.

Daniel Askeland said...

Sorry that I haven't said anything..

I received the cards yesterday..

Thank you so much! ;P

Greetings from Daniel

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