Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Circular Design...

Mel of Mel Stampz keeps me going strong with her wonderful and motivating comments. She made me realize that I do well even with my limited supplies. Whenever I read her comments I end up drawing more. This time I drew so many different circular designs, like the one HERE. And lots of butterflies too.

I am only showing you one of those circular designs, and hopefully you will get to see more in the future.

I have dyed the brown paper and the red one is just a plain card stock. Again, I can not live without playing it rough with the edges (I have no clue as to why "being raggy" attracts me so much! LOL). Oh by the way, thanks to my dad, I got a nasty cut on my finger! To make the edges look like this I use a steel ruler (and always have). But this time as I was in the process of making this card, my dad came to check up on how much I was done. While looking at me fighting with the edges with my ruler he mentioned the word "Cutting Blade".... oh well, after that everything went real bad! LOL!

Now, that is it for the "blabbering" part.

I used gold pen on brown for faux stitching and brown on red. I used my new Faber Castell colours on the circle! (Yay!). Drew the circle on plain white printer paper, I cut it in a way so that I could have some white space. The white space, just outside the petals is really enhancing the flower otherwise it would have just blended in with the red card stock. After colouring and everything I pasted it on a red circle which was slightly bigger than the flower and then again on a brown circle, which was again slightly bigger than the red, and then on the card. All this just to pop it up a bit.

This is how the inside looks. In order to give this card a final ragged look I intentionally kept the length of both papers different so that it would really look as if pieces were stitched on.
This is MY version of the half window card LOL. This was not intentional, but my card was not "listening" to me so after I folded the front, I glued it! Just because it kept popping back up! :P
I am lovin the colours this time :0)


Jilli said...

Wow that paper looks like fabric! Amazing! Jillix

Mel M. M. M. said...

How could I not rave!?! You are an artist of the highest order! I just love this. I wish I had a stamp company so I could convince you to draw stamps for the world! Your medallion is stunning! The edges are gorgeous roughed (I love to do that too) It feels natural. Sorry about your ruler biting you though! Bad ruler! ;o)

I love how you took the picture in the garden. Stunning!!! :o)

Bev said...

Bl**dy hell woman - this is just AMAZING!!! Ooops sorry for swearing but I couldn't help it, I was too busy picking my chin up off the floor lol. This really is stunning Erum and not just the medallion - but the whole card, even to the died paper!

Brilliant the card totally ROCKS!!!

hugs Bev x

Kim said...

WOW this is wondeful. Kimx

Godelieve said...

Wow, this is just gorgeous! Love the shape of this card, the great colors, and your fantastic drawing!

Melissa Bove said...

This card is amazing!! I first thought it was a stamp! You are so talented!! Hugs...

Shirley said...

Great design and colors.

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