Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fabric or Leather?

I don't know this maybe because I made this card. But everyone who takes a look at the picture of cards where I have used my own dyed paper and have given it a distressed look with faux stitching, asks "What kind of fabric is this?" "Where did you get such thin leather from?" And I am like WHAT?! Hey?! I still have no clue as to why people think that this is fabric or leather. Can I get away with "Faux-Fabric" or "Faux-Leather"? LOL

Even my dad said that it looks like leather when he saw the complete "Circular Design" card. Hmmm, it must really look something like it then. Anyway, let me know so I get my eyes checked again :-p

Again I tried to do something different with the ribbon. Could not find "orange" gem to stick on the ribbon :-( otherwise I would have added that to the ribbon.

The small flowers are REALLY very small! LOL I drew them on the self dyed orange paper and when I was cutting them I realized they were rather "too" small, hence the untidy cutting :-( But after the placement they looked cute :o)

I made the swirls using embossing cone and applied some embossing paste in the middle of the flowers and sprinkled very little orange/rust glitter on it.

I have also dyed the brown paper myself, this is the same left over paper from the circular design card. I just did not want to throw away the pieces. Faux stitching always looks good on it. Especially with a gold pen.


Kim Dellow said...

Truly gorgeous work. I love your stitching. Kimx

Sammie said...

Wow. This is spectacular -and the swirls are perfect too ;-)

Difficult to say without seeing it in reality, but I would not have thought this was paper. I'd go for faux-fabric. Don't know if you've coined a new phrase, but I like the sound of it.

And BTW -brushes and painting are way outside my comfort zone. It will be a long time before I pick one up again LOL!

Best wishes,
SammieJay xxx

Annapurna said...

The swirls turned out perfect. The color combination is to die for. I usually don't like distressed look, but this one I like.
All the irregularities in cutting makes the flowers look real.

All those trees in your backyard makes me want to move back to a tropical region. We didn't have all those, but only custard apples. Hmmmm. Yummy.

Dawn said...

Hi Erum
Have just sent you an E-mail and will link you to my blog too!


Unknown said...

I just went up and down your blog, and I`m amazed!!!!
You make such great creations, and I absolutely love your colorcombos!!!
Great details and great design on all your cards! You really are talented!

Lauren said...

Great Card thanks 4 entering cupcake craft challenges
Lauren xx

Jacqueline said...

Saw you on inspirational - you make gorgeous cards with your limited resources!

Willy said...

Love your artwork, it's fantastic!

Melissa Bove said...

WOW! This is amazing! It does look like leather! Gorgeous!! Hugs...

Deb Neerman said...


TFS; and thanks for visiting my blog, too!


Shirley said...

Your design and colors are lovely.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Amazing and it does look like leather or Lotka paper. I just love the orange & those wee flowers. The swirls as usual are perfection! :o)