Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For a Friend...

I am making quite a few cards for a friend of mine, Sofia. I didn’t give her anything on her engagement and so I thought why not give her lots of cards. Therefore I am going to make lots of cards, mostly CASED. But these ones are my own.

I used the same wrapping paper and same design on both the cards. The only difference is that I made one with a butterfly for the Verve challenge.

I outlined the flowers and stems on the wrapping paper with gel pen and aqualip (embossing pen).

Faux stitched all around it and I also played a little with the edges to make it look rough. Then I outlined the edges with a pink gel pen and inside with a blue one.

The butterfly has been cut from the same paper. I used a few gel pens to outline it and added a little sequence. Doesn't show up clearly in the image though. I added pearly beaded feelers.

I did the same thing here too. The only time taking job was to draw these small flowers, cut them and then outline them with gel pen. These are really quite small.

Here you can look closely at how untidily I have made them! LOL


Bev said...

They are gorgeous, especially the butterfly!!!

Rhynah said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving such a nice comment! :)

I especially like these 2 blue shaded cards that you have made. I find it difficult to make blue shaded cards, maybe 'cause I'm afraid of them giving a cold feeling. But these are fabulous! And give a warm feeling. :)

Have a good day!

- Rhynah (

Shirley said...

Both cards are exquisite. I love the butterfly and the flowers are just beautiful!