Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Say "NO" to stitching! LOL

No, not to faux stitching obviously! :-p But this card really drove me crazy. Why? Well, because SUPER I decided to stitch the sequins for a change! Silly , silly me! tuth tuth tuth :-p

Anyhooo, I had this really whimsical image in my head about swirls made up of sequins blah blah, when I started to put that on card stock it was not so bad till I was half way through the FIRST swirl. It was taking hell loads of time, I swear! I thought I would name the post "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME" LOL

The final result was not even close to being whimsical. Ah so much for the image in my head. *sob sob*
I have used a very beautiful ivory card stock. It looks like it is handmade because of all the little pieces of wood like thingy. After sewing on the sequins, I pasted the card stock on to gold paper. The edges on the gold paper have been tampered with and then coloured green.
I took out my dainty gold ribbon to make a cute flower which also did not turn out cute :o( (It's just not my day today)
The same ol' flower :o) But this time I crumpled it. I added lots of adhesive in the middle and showered both green and gold "zero" number sequins.

EDIT: Thank You for the correct spelling of SEQUINS! LOL


Moni said...

wow.. it's so nice

Wendy said...

This is lovey and must have taken ages to do.
Wendy x

Annapurna said...

I don't think anyone else will understand what you mean by "tuth tuth tuth", but I do. It has been a while since I heard that. Thanks for bringing back memories. LOL!

Your hard work paid off and the flower you made is awesome. Not a big fan of distressing but in this case it looks good.

Is that lemon or comquat tree in the back? You can just reply to this comment if you want to;-)

My Little Space said...

wow, a lot of work and it looks brilliant, love the flower.


SammieJay said...

I adore this. But it definitely should carry a "Don't try this at home " warning. It is so whimsical and imaginative -just maybe not as whimsical as you saw it in your head. It is so tempting to rush out and try it, but I can only begin to imagine the amount of time it must have taken to do that stitching.
I am seriously impressed -oh wow!


SmilynStef said...

Oh my dear, you are way too hard on yourself ... this is stunning. I can't believe you had the patience to sew on all of those sequins ... and then hand-made that wonderful flower. It may not have turned out how you had it in your head ... but it is still very wonderful.

Kim said...

Ah but the time was worth it - it is beautiful. Kimx

Jose said...

Gorgeous work... and that flower has the "WOW" factor!

Melissa Bove said...

Gorgeous! That flower is amazing! Hugs...

Shirley said...

Wow~! Wonderful detail and color.

Bubbles said...

Stunning!! The flower is gorgeous.
Joanne x

Mel M. M. M. said...

This looks perfectly whimsical to me (only also beautifully polished. The sequins sound like SO much work, but what stunning results! I love seeing them close up. (Talk about perfect photos!) That flower looks perfect to me too. Such gorgeous shine & dimension. I really really love the colour combination too. The soft green with the gold against that white. How very very very lovely! :0)

Eileen said...

What a absolutely beautiful card.
I love the sequins even if they did take a lot of putting on.

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