Sunday, July 24, 2011

Can you access my blog?

ETA: I can access my blog now. Right after I published via Live Writer, it became active! WOOHOO!

Hi bloggers. If you can access my blog please comment on this post or shoot me an email.

I can see the accounts I share with Feline and Gingerloft, on my dashboard, but NONE of MY blogs are on the dashboard.

Lets see if this gets published via Live Writer.




Gail said...

Hi E.T.
Seems to be working ok now,earlier this morning I couldn't get access to your blog.Glad you are back.


Gisèle said...

yes, no problem

Crafterkhush said...

can see... no problem..!!

CG said...

Phew, you're back! I wanted to read your last post, but it said your blog had been removed :( But all is well now!

Trina said...

I'm here straight from Reader. No problem getting here... :D

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

Must be up and running now! I hate when blogger gives us a fit! It seems to pick and choose who is going to have issues with it! Love your display of all your beautiful creations!

Sheree said...

You must be all fixed up now! Blogger has been a pain lately. I can only comment on a few blogs now which is such a pain!
Glad to see you are back!

Mallika said...

but last nite .. wen u had posted dat sketch card .. it wasnt working !

jimlynn said...

I see it just fine ET! Sometimes "blogger" does really strange things!

Hussena said...

oh good u can access your blog now .and if you are not able to access the dash board u could perhaps check the firewalls on your computer sometimes due to a virus they prevent certain pages from opening thats what my personal experience has been .
good luck with ur blog.

Juliet A said...

I feel so lucky to not have these problems.