Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick Christmas Cards!

Hey everyone!

The cards that I have to show you today are not post-worthy… but what the heck!


Seeeee!!!! I mean it when I say quick cards! LOL

Meet them individually! First meet Miss Traditional!


So! Miss Traditional here is covered in red sequins (no glitter this time folks) and I used a holographic green ribbon for the trunk… The tree is obviously hand drawn! Even a kid can draw a triangle! I could have done so much more with this but I really wanted to make “Quick Cards” for a change! But even these turned out to be not so quick… you will see in a while what I am yapping about!

Now lets meet Mr. Teal!


Now isn’t Mr. Teal just gorgeous?! I LOVE this one! These are the same pink tinted silver sequins that I used earlier in the album post. This combo looks amazing in person!

This is how they are from inside.


These quick cards became not-so-quick when I started coloring the gifts stamp….but the Miss Traditional and Mister Teal REALLY needed a lift of some sort… Oh say HI to my left index finger nail… first appearance ever! *applause*



Smita said...

OMG!! These are the most adorable Christmas cards ever! Love them all... especially Ms Traditional!

PS: Congrats on making it to Fab 5 at 2S4Y! You deserve it :-)

Anthonette said...

What do you mean they are not post-worthy? These cards are awesome! I loved each one of them.

mansi said...

they r sooo pretty...simple and them

mansi said...

so pretty,simple and them

Creativek(shraddha) said...

Hello..if these aren't post worthy then what is?These are gem of christmas cards..really special.

Tejal said...

Oh these are lovely!! so adorable and blingy!! love love it..and hello ms. left index finger nail!! heheh!!

Meda said...

I do like your sequin trees. Great way to use up the sequin stash!

Addie said...

I am in awe of your talent and sooo thankful that you are willing to share your creations with others. I will visit often and look forward to seeing your other creations! Today you painted my world a little brighter!