Friday, November 5, 2010

Big Box

Hey everyone! I totally forgot about this. I made a box, a big box that holds… hmmm you can say a dress shirt… I made this two months back… this was the LAST CLEAR pic I took from my camera… You can see that the angle is not right and you cant even view the box properly… it’s because after this shot all the pictures taken had horizontal lines on them.


Anyway, the paisley is a stamp that Stef sent me (Thanks Stef!)… the black polka dots are actually punched circles… I used a typical single office punch machine for this. I had to make a grid for stamping the paisley and sticking the tiny circles . The flower is handmade… It looked pretty real!

The swirl as always is hand drawn, cut and then glittered with olive green glitter. The border of the box has been framed using a crinkled ribbon (typical sub-continental), here it is called “gota” (“Gota” has metallic  threads running through them along with normal ones, you can call it metallic ribbon LOL I have no other word sorry! And I think they are handmade)

The base of the box is covered with a Hallmark wrapping paper… I just found a “less lined” pic. Here you go!


LOL now I remember after looking at this picture, I accented the swirls with some sequins and green diamantes. And yeah I know the flower center ruined everything! But I still like the bloom!

Super Hugs to all of you!


P.S: You can see that the stamping is not done properly… we have BAD inks here :(


Mona Pendleton said...

Simply fabulous! Love that 3D blossom :)

Shalini said...

gorgeous box... u have taken 'handmade' to a whole new level!!! love everything about it...

Linnie said...

wow i am luvin your swirls

Ujjwal said...

This box is gorgeous!! Love what you have done with it!!

Creativek(shraddha) said...

goooooorgeous!!!!!Love the flower a lot!The hand-cut swirl is divine..

Unknown said...

i love your hand drawn swirls. So creative.


Bonita Rose said...

you won the schlosser designs blog hop fr my blog.. see here, congratulations to you!!! Make sure you contact Erin!

Ann said...

What a great gift box! Love that flower!

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

This is gorgeous! Thanks for coming by my blog today! I'm glad you were inspired by the designers.
Have a lovely day!

Tejal said...

Super super the swirls..maybe you should give us a image or something so we can replicate your work!!
A weird question..what fruit is the one next to the flower in the second photo..i'm weird.i know!!