Monday, November 22, 2010

Something New and a freebie


All pictures are taken from a cell phone, bear with me please.

Hello hello!
This post is going to have A LOT of pictures. It's not a card that I have to show you today. It is infact a scrapbook of sorts that I made for someone's niece. 

I am using BLOGGER today to publish my post so that you guys can click on the pictures to get a clearer, BIGGER  view. 
Here we go!

The front main page:

Cute? I know! LOL

The sun, clouds, green land and fences are all hand drawn. The sun is too cute, all glittery and bright!
The flowers are punched.

This is what it looks like after you open it up. 
The left flap is the back of the main page/cover. The pages on the right say the girl's name "SAMAA". All the letters of her name are on a different page which makes it 5 pages in all. The backside of all the pages is also decorated. The alphabets are all hand drawn, this is why both the A's look different.

Lets start with "S".

This girl, Samaa.. her favourite colors are pink and yellow, so I tried my level best to keep those two as the main colors. I sprinkled sequins quite generously on the letter! This silver sequin has a tint of lilac and pink. 

Backside of "S":

Thanks to TLC for all the sentiments. Without it I would not have been able to make it so interesting. I found almost all related sentiments on that blog. They go SO WELL with the pictures.

On to "A":

Okay, I LOVE this pic of hers! Its FABOOSH! And check out how well the sentiment goes with it! Thanks to Paulette
Do you love the silver frame??? Totally rock chick thing! :o)
Used purple sequins on A.

Now back of "A":

This picture was probably taken at some Halloween party... Do you like the embossing on the frame? It is not the candy cane folder (which I don't have and would LOVE to get my hands on) but the distressed stripes one.

On to "M":

The embossed background and the bold text is highlighted by holographic white glitter. I made this project a little more than 2 months back, don't remember the stamps... the sentiment of course is from TLC.

Backside of "M":

The moon (crescent) and the cute cat are digi stamps. The sentiments again are from TLC.

On to "A":

Here I used glitter pen (gel pen) to highlight the embossed background. The letters "AWSAMM" are the initials of the girls in picture... it's her gang! LOL If you pronounce it in a sweet sixteeny kinda way it goes like "awesome". The sentiments are TLC and Meljen's.

Backside of "A":

Again, I have highlighted the embossed designs with a yellow gel pen. The TLC sentiments are quite generously coated with holographic white glitter. 

On to the last "A"

This is Samaa's aunt. The pink and red blooms are hand drawn.

Backside of "A":

This page has pictures of her childhood, her grandparents, parents and aunt. Here too I have highlighted the positive embossed parts with gel pens of respective colors.

On to the last page, the inner side of back page of the cover.

Hope you guys like it! I spent quite a lot of time making this. I do like the end result. But I don't think that I will be making this again!! LOL Too much work! 

Big Hugs!

Something I made to use on a page that I am making for someone... she is not 40, not even close... But she'd like to stay 40! LOL She sure is FABULOUS though!


Spardha said...

wow!.. its beautiful!... LOVE all the bling! :D

Mallika said...

Erum !
you are amazing !
i just dont believe that with so limited resources you have created a miracle !
its bful
you truly inspire me !

bcriminger said...

thanks for the freebie!

mansi said...

wooo!!so much of hard work you've put in....but the result is worth each and every moment spent....amazing...i really appreciate your work.gr8 gong visit my blog also,and let me know your feed back.

SmilynStef said...

Super-fun ... love the vibrant colors and texture of the embossing.

Creativek(shraddha) said...

Wow this is just fAB!I love your sentiments a lot and all the embossing folders you've used ...and congrats on winning the LOTV candy last week!

GrammaR said...

You did a great job on the scrapbook! And I would not have guessed you drew a lot of the elements.

Thank you for the sentiment.

Shelly said...

Wow! The album you made is spectacular!!! It really rocks! The amount of detail you have in it is incredible. It's truly a treasure.

Thank you for the digi. It's going to be a fun one. :)

Ann said...

SO fun! LOVE the bright colors!

Tejal said...

Oh my God! you are truly my Goddess! The goddess of glitter!! Truly awesome work and what superb pages!! Some day I'm gonna ask you to send me a box full of bling ...someday!! Where do you get holographic glitter?
And gosh that is one standard to set for handmade album!! Its gonna take me years to come close to it...p.s. I'm addicted to those large blooms that you make..I've been making them like crazy now!

SueB said...

LOVIN' the scrapbook you made, and the hand-drawn sun knocked my socks off! Truly! There they are next to my chair on the floor! Thanx for sharing!

Jovi said...

hi Erum
was just goin thru ur blog and came across this one... awsammmmmm it is... seriuosly yaar... I love the work u have done with all the sequins...